Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Minus one of my Birthday

Bitrhdayyyy... !!!!
what do u think about that one word !! actually everyone are waiting for their special day as birthday that one time in a years. I don't know, for me I dont think so. One day before my birthday comes, I don't have something special to waiting for... it just because Im not in the good mood.. there's so many things stuck in my head.. like the trouble is a friend for me, mostly in this years.

well, mean while thats not all darkness a long this year that I had, but I don't know.. why !! we never think like this if we dont have something or one of the reason.... ' I can't explain what is that..

Mmmm Birthday...
currently I just can think about all my birthday moment in every years that I was did... mmm thanks GOD 'Alhamdulillah' there's always be my friends around me always to celebrate that moment... with my special one also 'my yvaine' there's 3 years with me.. I still remember when i was for the first time celebrates my Birthday with her.. with dinner and go to cinema... we were watching 'Stardust and Atonement' that one of my best moment ever with her.. untill now we called each other with the couple in Stardust movie we watched that is 'Tristan and Yvaine'
hehehhe.. so sweet (for me)

In this year I don't what is going with my birthday on tomorrow... !!
well, actually some best friend of mine faraway right now...
well, one of important is I just saying 'Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH' for giving me chance to be better than now... !!!

that was what Im thinking about my birthday in minus one day :)